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Terms & Conditions

Sales and Service Policies

MacPherson Firearms are designed and built to the purchaser's specifications, which requires custom ordering of certain components such as stocks and barrels. Because some of our suppliers are backordered by several months, we can not set a completion date for any firearm. We will do our best to complete your rifle as quickly as possible, but we will not sacrifice quality for expediency. Please have patience while we are building your precision firearm.

MacPherson Firearms will not guarantee the accuracy of rifles manufactured and/or assembled from customer-supplied parts. Customer-supplied parts will be installed at our standard hourly gunsmithing rate.

Payments, Refunds, and Fees

The following fees will be charged for cancelled orders, layaways, and bad checks:
- Special-order firearm or group buy: 20% of the firearm's price.
- Custom Builds: the greater of 20% of the firearm's price or $500.
- Layaway: 20% nonrefundable deposit paid by cash, USPS MO, or personal check, with the remainder due within 60 days. Failure to pay in full results in forfeiture of deposit.
- NSF check fee is $35.
MacPherson Firearms is not a bank. While we can do payment plans we do not ship until we have been paid in full.


MacPherson Firearms, LLC is happy to transfer your firearm to you from an out of state seller. We will accept shipments from both FFL's and non-licensees. We do not provide a copy of our FFL to non-licensees as they can verify our license using the ATF's FFL EzCheck, enter 6-02-xxx-xx-xx-02715. We do require non-licensees include a copy of their driver's license so that we can accurately record in our bound book the source of the firearm and keep our ATF compliance inspector happy.

If the FBI NICS denies the transfer, the buyer has several choices:
- We will hold the firearm while the buyer appeals the denial. If the buyer files the appeal within 30 days of the denial, no storage fees will accrue as we will not penalize buyers for the government's delays. If the buyer does not file the appeal within 30 days we will charge a storage fee of $10 (ten dollars) per week to store the firearm. Once the storage fees have exceeded 50% of the firearm's value we will sell the firearm, deduct our storage fees, and return the remainder to the buyer.
- Arrange with the seller for the return of the firearm and pay us for return shipping.
- Consign the firearm with us.