AK Services

AK Services

Remove and Re-install barrel from receiver

All jobs where lathe turning the barrel is required will need the barrel to be removed from the receiver. This is an additional charge to de populate and repopulate the barrel. 

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Remove and re-install barrel
Remove and re-install barrel and front sight
Remove and re-install barrel, front sight and gas block

Headspace virgin barrel to trunnion - $80

This service is to fit the barrel to the trunnion and then press the barrel into the trunnion to bring the barrel, stripped trunnion and bolt into proper headspace, drill/ream for the customer's barrel pin, then press the barrel back out of the trunnion so trunnion can be riveted into a receiver.


Virgin Barrel Population - $200

This service is to fit all barrel parts by honing if necessary and then press the virgin barrel into the stripped front trunnion to proper headspace, then press the rear sight, gas block and front sight into proper alignment then cross-drill each item and install pins.

De-mill parts kit - $100

This service is to press out the barrel stubs from all the barrel hardware and remove all rivets from a front and rear trunnion pair and a trigger guard to prepare them for riveting into a new sheet metal receiver.

Receiver Population

These services includes fitting trunnions into the receiver, all riveting and then final assembly and safety checks. This service requires the parts kits which have already been fully de-milled and a have a fully populated barrel. This service is only available for customers who schedule an appointment.

Fixed Stock Receiver - $160

Folding Stock Receiver - $240

Fix Headspace - $100

This service is to remove the existing barrel pin, press the barrel in or out of the receiver as needed to bring the barrel, trunnion and bolt into proper headspace and finally drill/ream for an oversized barrel pin which is provided and installed.

Knurl Barrel - $20

This service is knurl the shank of an undersized barrel to increase the diameter so that it can be properly pressed into a trunnion. Please keep in mind not all barrels will accept knurling for correction. If it is too under size, it must be sleeved or replaced. 

Black oxide receiver & small parts - $80 & Up

This service is to blast and apply black oxide to the receiver with installed trunnions and trigger guard as well as the fire control pins and selector.

Black Oxide complete AK - $120 & Up

This service is to blast and dip a complete parts kit as well as the receiver with installed trunnions.

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